Wedding Speech Etiquette — Who Gives the First Speech?

Well the won­der­ful cer­e­mony is over and all the pho­tog­ra­pher has per­formed a great job of get­ting all your wed­ding shots done, so it’s time for the party to really begin. Wed­ding recep­tions are all about hav­ing a good time. They are also all about the newly-weds so it is the time for wed­ding speeches to be deliv­ered with good taste, won­der­ful humour and with mes­sages that come from the heart.

Wedding Speech

Father of the Bride Speech

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Coco Chanel A Stylish Lady Who Changed Fashion Forever

Coco Chanel really did change how women per­ceived fash­ion. She rev­o­lu­tion­ized the whole female ‘look’ and made it into one of pure style and com­fort. We have to remem­ber that when she first started design­ing hats, women at the time were still wear­ing tight bodices that restricted them in many ways, apart from being incred­i­bly uncom­fort­able to wear as well. So when her beau­ti­fully casual but tremen­dously styl­ish designs first appeared on the scene, women were delighted!

Coco Chanel was very much her ‘own per­son’ and shunned away from the heavy dresses that were fash­ion­able in her day. She opted for her own ‘poor lit­tle suits’ as she referred to them. A male friend real­ized the impor­tance of her look to her and had an Eng­lish tai­lor make ele­gant copies of her designs for her to wear. The lit­tle French milliner was on her way to becom­ing a leg­end in the world of fashion.

Coco Chanel

Coco Chanel

Coco Chanel Wore Her Out­fits with Such Panache

Chanel wore her out­fits with style and would often pair her designs up with white shirts as well as ties and coats she bor­rowed from var­i­ous lovers she had in her early years. This was to become one of the fun­da­men­tal prin­ci­ples she used in her cloth­ing designs – she became the ‘mas­ter’ at adapt­ing cer­tain ele­ments of male dress so that it became truly feminine.

Coco Chanel - Camellia Flower

Coco Chanel — Camel­lia Flower

Coco Chanel inspired headpiece - Arpie and Maral Couture

Coco Chanel inspired head­piece — Arpie and Maral Couture

Coco Chanel inspired headpiece - Arpie and Maral Couture

Coco Chanel inspired head­piece — Arpie and Maral Couture

She was first rec­og­nized not as a dress designer but as a milliner, her ‘boater’ hat was the height of fash­ion in the early 1900’s and remained so for fifty years or so. But soon her lovely com­fort­able dress designs were being noticed by many high soci­ety ladies. These ladies started to con­tact Chanel for assis­tance with their own uncom­fort­able and cum­ber­some wardrobes. Coco Chanel was swept away on a wave of inno­va­tion in ladies fash­ion and in 1915 opened her very first bou­tique in Biar­ritz. By 1916, she employed 300 peo­ple in her fash­ion houses in Paris, Deauville and Biarritz.

The Leg­endary ‘Lit­tle Black Dress’

Coco Chanel’s ‘lit­tle black dress’ is leg­endary. Vogue mag­a­zine adored it and referred to it as ‘a Ford car signed Chanel’. This sim­ple yet so very ele­gant design, made out of  ‘Crepe de Chine’ with lovely close fit­ting sleeves was sim­ply divine. Women from every cor­ner of the globe adopted this con­cept of ele­gance. They all had a ‘lit­tle black num­ber’ in their wardrobes.

Coco Chanel - Little Black Dress

Coco Chanel — Lit­tle Black Dress

Coco Chanel was inspired by lux­u­ri­ous Russ­ian furs, she drew inspi­ra­tion from Eng­land and their tweeds. Her work in Hol­ly­wood earned her fan­tas­tic amounts of money but her designs were not con­sid­ered sen­sa­tional enough by the stars at the time. Chanel left Hol­ly­wood and was never to return there.

Her designs have been worn by the most ele­gant women in the world among them Grace Kelly, Jacque­line Onas­sis and many, many other women whose beauty was astound­ing. Her sig­na­ture label is one of the most rec­og­nized in the world and her per­fumes are leg­ends in their own right. To own a Chanel dress, jacket or hand­bag is a sign of suc­cess today as never before. This lovely styl­ish ‘lit­tle French milliner’ has left the world a won­der­ful legacy, she alone changed fash­ion forever.

Images Cour­tesy of and Arpie and Maral Cou­ture and Accessories

Setting Realistic Body Transformation Goals In Preparation For Your Wedding

Get­ting into shape for your wed­ding day is great but you have to set your­self real­is­tic a time scale in order to do this, oth­er­wise you might get dis­ap­pointed with the results which means you may even give up. We all know there is loads to do before a wed­ding and often a per­sonal train­ing or diet regime gets put on the back burner for a time. Then there is a mad dash to get into shape which involves inten­sive work­outs, over train­ing and this all ends up in stress at the lack of results that often happen.

Fit Bride

Fit Bride

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The importance of the RSVP For Guests, Hosts and Hostesses

There is a cer­tain eti­quette involved in send­ing out an invi­ta­tion to an event and this applies to wed­dings as much as any other ones. RSVP means sim­ply ‘reply if you please’ although it sounds so much nicer when said in French – ‘Repon­dez s’il vous plaît’.

When send­ing out wed­ding invi­ta­tions I believe an RSVP mes­sage is rather nice as it gives the invite that lit­tle bit extra. I love it when these let­ters are embossed dis­creetly on the invi­ta­tion, it makes any event feel really spe­cial. The impor­tance of reply­ing to an RSVP invi­ta­tion is some­thing that needs to be taken seri­ously and a reply should be sent in a timely fash­ion, which means a cou­ple of days after receiv­ing the invi­ta­tion as this is only good manners.

It All Comes Down to Good Manners

At the end of the day reply­ing to an RSVP invi­ta­tion is sim­ply just good man­ners and as such these invi­ta­tions should be replied to in the way it has been requested on them. Here are a few things to remem­ber when you receive an RSVP invitation:

  • Check just how you are being asked to respond to your invitations
  • Always send your reply in a timely man­ner – max­i­mum is two days
  • Make absolutely cer­tain that if you reply ‘Yes’ then you can indeed make it to the event and only have to change this should an emer­gency or unavoid­able sit­u­a­tion arise that pre­vents you from attend­ing the event.

Some Peo­ple Are Reluc­tant To Respond

There are some peo­ple who always feel awk­ward about respond­ing to RSVP invites and there could be sev­eral rea­sons for this. How­ever, even if you feel that you may offend the host or host­ess you have to accept the fact you are allowed to say ‘no’ with­out caus­ing any offence at all. It is a lot bet­ter to say ‘no’ nicely than to not say any­thing at all, this is far more offensive.

You have to think about the host/hostess and this is espe­cially true for RSVP wed­ding invites, because they need to know how many guests will be attend­ing their wed­ding in order to help the orga­nize the num­bers for the cer­e­mony as well as the reception.

How Impor­tant Is a Reply To a RSVP Invi­ta­tion For the Host or Hostess?

If you are plan­ning a wed­ding you have to know just how many guests will be attend­ing your big day because you need to know the num­bers when you are orga­niz­ing the event. At the same time you have to be pre­paid for a few guests to either not reply or send a ‘no’ answer to your invi­ta­tions. You have to learn not to be offended by either of these in a gra­cious man­ner. You need to always act very gra­ciously when peo­ple you invite can­not make it and you have to be very forgiving.

Trial Your Wedding Nails BEFORE Your Wedding Day

Every bride wants to look stun­ning on her wed­ding day and this means from head to foot. Every lit­tle detail has to be taken into con­sid­er­a­tion from the tiny details on a designer wed­ding gown to the veil as well as hair jew­ellery, not for­get­ting the beau­ti­ful wed­ding bou­quet. Your make-up is immac­u­late and shoes com­fort­able yet stun­ningly styl­ish. But what about nails?

If you’re think­ing about hav­ing false nails for your wed­ding day and have never worn them before, you need to get in some prac­tice before the big day. It is sur­pris­ing how dif­fer­ent every­thing feels when you wear false nails, this is espe­cially true if you are plan­ning on wear­ing long ones. It takes a bit of get­ting used to and the last thing a bride wants is to feel awk­ward about han­dling things on her wed­ding day. She needs to feel com­fort­able about every aspect of her body. She has to wear her dress like a glove, glide along in her beau­ti­ful wed­ding shoes and be able to sign the reg­is­ter as well as cut the wed­ding cake.

Wedding Nails

Wed­ding Nails

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Choosing The Wines for Your Wedding

Choos­ing the right wines for a wed­ding can some­times be a real task but hav­ing said this it really does depend on the size of the event and of course your bud­get. But as we all know wed­dings are very spe­cial occa­sions and as such only the best will do. Some­times cater­ers do insist on pro­vid­ing the wine as part of their deal. If this is the case, then make sure you get to sam­ple the wines first.

There are some fab­u­lous wines avail­able today and from all over the world too. But if like me you like to keep things in-house so to speak, then choos­ing to buy some fab­u­lous Aus­tralian wines, you won’t be dis­ap­pointed with your selec­tion. There really is no rea­son to spend a for­tune on wines because there are great ones avail­able, and they are very afford­able. It is just a ques­tion of know­ing which to select for your wed­ding. There are many wine experts out there who will help you do just that, but at the end of the day, it is what you like that counts.


Wine — Image source:

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How To Say Thank You Nicely After Your Wedding

So the excite­ment of the big day is over. All the care­fully laid out plans and prepa­ra­tions went well and your wed­ding day went off like a dream. There’s a heap of wed­ding gifts just wait­ing to be admired and used, which means it’s time to think about send­ing out ‘Thank You’ cards to all the peo­ple who offered these presents to you on your wed­ding day.

Vintage Wedding Thank You Card

Vin­tage Wed­ding Thank You Card — Source: ‘Nos­tal­gicIm­prints’ shop from

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Reasons to Have a Mini Cakes — Wedding Cupcakes

The tra­di­tion of wed­ding cake began way back in the Roman Empire, when a groom would break a loaf of bread over his bride’s head, as a sym­bol of his dom­i­nance over her.

Of course, it’s come a long way since then. And it came closer to the tra­di­tion we would now recog­nise with, with the French cro­quem­bouche, which is essen­tially a tower of profiteroles.

Mini Cakes

Mini Cakes — photo credit:



Mini Cakes

Mini Cakes — Image Source:

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How to Walk Gracefully in Your Wedding Gown

It is a truth uni­ver­sally acknowl­edged (to para­phrase Jane Austen) that all brides look beau­ti­ful. Chances are, your wed­ding gown; with tight-waited pet­ti­coat and figure-shaping bodice, will nip and tuck you in all the right places, which will dra­mat­i­cally improve your posture.

How­ever, don’t assume that the dress will do all the work for you. There are other things you’ll to con­sider to ensure you’re able to walk grace­fully in your wed­ding gown.

Grace Kelly wedding Gown

Grace Kelly wed­ding Gown

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Who Pays For the Bridesmaids Gowns?

Tra­di­tion­ally a brides­maid has always had to pay for her own gown although as a treat the bride may wish to pay for her hair styling, make-up and other facial treats that they can do together. Brides need to be aware of the cost impli­ca­tions that brides­maids have when choos­ing what out­fit with them So the best way for a bride to do this is to choose three or four out­fits and then show these to her brides­maids. This way the girls can decide which ones are the best for them and which they can afford.

It’s great if brides­maid dresses can be worn after the wed­ding too. This makes the expense that lit­tle bit more bear­able for brides­maids as they know they can wear them for other spe­cial occa­sions. If you are ask­ing them to wear a dress they may never get the chance to wear again, then this could be a lit­tle unfair as well as ask­ing them for too much. A bride needs to be sym­pa­thetic to her brides­maids’ finan­cial sit­u­a­tions when choos­ing the gowns she would like them to wear at her wedding.

Bridesmaids Gowns

Brides­maids Gowns —

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